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By Reporter Bryanna Botham, Carson Middle School

I was recently given the opportunity to see The Phantom of the Opera when the show was at Centennial Hall. The show was amazing. I also had the privilege of interviewing a very talented young actress.

Julie Hanson is 22 and plays Christine DaaƩ in Phantom. "I kind of always knew it was what I wanted to do," Hanson says about acting. "I just think its neat how you can tell a story to a bunch of different people, she says. Its really kind of magical. I just love performing."

Hanson has been acting since she was 8 or 9. Her first play was The King and I. She played one of the kings children. "It was a high school production," says Hanson. "I was in third grade. They had asked for children to audition.

Hanson spent a year as an understudy for the part of Christine. "Its kind of a hard job because you dont get to do it on a regular basis, she says. You might get to do it, like, once a month if youre lucky. An understudy also doesnt get a lot of notice. You arent always prepared, she says. Someone may tell you 15 minutes before the show that you have to do it. You dont get to build up stamina for the role. "

The role of Christine takes a lot of endurance. For her ensemble part Hansen rehearsed about five days; for Christine she rehearsed for two months! She says the song Think of Me is probably her hardest scene. "Because its at the very beginning (and) its one of Christines biggest songs," explains Hanson. "If youre nervous you just have to get into it."

She doesnt get too nervous these days, except when she knows people in the audience. "When I have friends in town, thats when I get the most nerves. "

Hanson encourages kids who have the acting bug to take as many classes as you can "acting classes, music classes, dance classes... if its what you want to do, keep working at it."