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By Mike Hughes
Lansing State Journal
..."It's amazing," said Julie Hanson, who stars on tour. "When I grew up, I used to listen to the music, never thinking I'd do the show."

"It's a very draining role," Hanson said. "Eight shows a week."

Hanson fits the Christine image of a newcomer. She's 23 and has spent most of her professional career in "Phantom".

She grew up in Tusla, Okla., and attended Oklahoma City University. During that time, she kept almost being cast as Cosette in the "Les Miserables" tours.

"They called me back a couple of times over two years," she said. "But I never quite got the role."

Still, those casting people remembered her. "They called and said, 'Can you come to New York in two days and try out for 'Phantom'?"

That was three years ago and she's been on tour ever since - as a chorus member who undertudied Christine, then as the alternate and now as Christine.

It's been a busy stretch, with little time for real-life romance. "I read a lot," Hanson said...