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Where: Broadway
When: October 29th, 2003

I saw Phantom for the 10th time yesterday [10/30/03]. I think it had to be the best I've ever seen it. This was the first time I had seen this cast and the mixture was stunning. The combination of Julie, Hugh and Jim just sparkled. That was the cast I had wanted to see, and when I read Julie's name on the cover board I was VERY excited. I came out from the show RAVING about the cast. It was absolutely the BEST I had ever seen. EVER.

My dad and I sat right in front so I was able to see the personality and the character really shining through. I had never seen Julie or Hugh perform but I had heard really great things! Now I can honestly say that Julie is BY FAR my favorite Christine and Hugh is my Favorite Phantom. There is to way to describe their performance. Julie was like wow, if I ever play Christine I would play her exactly like Julie did. Now Julie plays Christine with a backbone and I was thrilled during Managers 2 to see Christine bite back at Carlotta.

Julie's voice is THE perfect Christine voice, very light and sweet and so very pure. It was fantastic! She was physically, technically and vocally THE perfect Christine. Her version of Wishing was absolutely jaw on floor drop dead Kim shiny. I read that she went to Oklahoma City University and I can honestly say that is THE best school for vocal music. Kristen Chenoweth is also an alumni there. Julie was so so so good! No one could possibly understand how I connected. She was the living form of how I THINK the character should be played. I can even go so far to say that she has once again inspiried me to beg for voice lessons...