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Where: Broadway
When: Oct. 6th & 7th


She is now my favorite Christine. She's so 'fresh' in the role, has sooo many unique interpretations that her performance just blew me away. I was raving about her to the people I was going to see Phantom with the next night


After seeing her live, I can definitely say, she has an AMAZING VOICE. It is very, very full.


I am very, very disappointed that I didn't get the chance to meet her, as I wanted to tell her just how impressed I was with her performance. I've seen Rebecca Pitcher from 3rd row, Sandra Joseph from the second to last row, and Susan Cuthbert [I think that's her name] from 4th row [but I was only six, so I really can't say what her performance was like...], and I've seen a lot of good Christines through the magic of video, like Celia Graham - who is great... but I was simply AWE-STRUCK by Julie's performance. She had sooo many things that she did with her acting that really made 'Christine' hers. As far as I'm concerned, she owns the role of Christine. One amazing thing she did was at the end of the Title Song, she had me convinced that it was live; she made it look as if she truly were singing it. When I saw Rebecca Pitcher, I knew she was lip-syncing it, but Julie is truly a great actress.

She is probably the only Christine that I've seen that I can remember that evoked true emotion out of me. Even though I know what is going to happen, she truly had me enthralled in the story, and feeling genuine concern for her character.


Julie IS Christine.

This is a temporary review. Jon's actual review will be up shortly.