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Where: Broadway
When: March 6th, 2004

Review 1

I saw Julie perform on March 6th in NYC.  Her performance was beyond amazing. After seeing and hearing countless Christines, Julie Hanson is by far the best I've ever seen.  Her acting is phantastic, as well as her singing. I absolutely loved her "Twisted Every Way", and especially loved her in the final scene. She portays a young, innocent, and loveable Christine. She acted so well opposite Hugh Panaro, who was also wonderful. This was definately the best performance and portrayal of any Christine I've ever seen, no exaggerations whatsoever.  I truly hope to see her again soon, because she made that day the most memorable of my life.

Review 2
Ms. Hanson is the definition of innocence and beauty on and off the stage.  I've never seen such a dedicated performer, for Julie isn't just dedicated to her art, she shows a dedication to her fans and admirers like I've never seen with any broadway actor, and I give her all of my respect for it.  Julie Hanson doesn't just play the role, she *is* Christine.  When she is on stage, there isn't the slightest trace that she is an actor, she is the role, and she delivers the most convincing performance I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in the Majestic Theatre and watching.  For this reason, I've made the Majestic Theatre my home-away-from-home, that is when I can afford the trip from South Caronlina :-).  This girl is my inspiration, and I forever encourage her to stay the sweet heart that she is, for it brings indescribable joy to her fans, and all phantom-fans who've ever heard her name.  I hope that if it is her wish, that her run with this show be until it closes, for I will never cease to enjoy her amazing performance as Christine.