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Where: Broadway
When: July 24th, 2004, 2:00
On July 24 i had the opportunity to see the wonderful actress Julie Hanson perform as Christine Daae in "The Phantom of the Opera". I have seen the current "Christine" Sandra Joseph numerous times and I thought to myself that i needed a change, and I needed to see someone new. Being part of different Phantom message boards has given me all sorts of news on who were to perform on certain days. Coming to Julie's website, I found that she was to perform both performances on the 24th of July before the start of her vacation the next day. It then hit me that it was also my friends birthday that same day! It was somewhat a treat for the both of us.
The performance was absolutely wonderful! As soon as the "Slave dancers" did their dance number i was able to spot Julie right away. Before hand i had seen many pictures of her and she was quite recognizable with her beautiful eyes : ). I have seen many different Christine's throughout the years and Julie is definately my phavorite! Watching her dance has given me the courage to take up ballet again after quitting a few years back. Her voice was pleasant to the ear and her notes were right on pitch. The chemistry between her and Hugh Panaro (Phantom) was amazing. Julie was born to play Christine Daae and I am glad I had the chance to watch her perform.
Not only I got to see her perform, my friend and I had the chance to meet her after the show. We were able to get her autograph and a picture with her. Julie is such a kind person and I would like to wish her the best of luck for all her performances. Thank You for inspiring me to take up one of my first loves, dancing.