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Where: Broadway
When: August 11th, 2004
Today was just an awesome day. It was one of those that had everything go off perfectly.

Danielle and I went to see Phantom for her 16th birthday. Which makes today the 12th time I've seen the show since 2000. Crazy no, not me. Oh by sheer planning today just happen to be a Phantom Phan gathering NYC style. PoB (my website) had arranged for a group of us to meet and hopefully meet Julie Hanson.

The show itself was as predicted, spectacular. Julie Hanson was so incredibly on, vocally and actingly? So you want me to go scene by scene, okay.

Auction: Carrington Vilmont was the auctioneer, he totally rocks my socks! He's got that semi-monologue so down pat.

Hannibal: First of all Julie Schimdt was funny, she really has a great voice too. I always tend to miss most of the scene and focus on the dancers for various reasons. Complements to the ballet chorus they really and finally have some more personality. The reactions were good, definately best I've seen in a while. David Gaschen was on as Piangi. He was SO funny, I was just amused by all the manerisms.

(okay I hate this scene by scene stuff it sounds too critical)

The first time Julie Hanson came out, this was the first time I ever saw her dance on pointe. I love Christines that actually take the time to learn ballet well enough to be on pointe. Yay Julie Hanson and Rebecca Pitcher. JH's Christine is THE Chritine. I said this last time and I'll say it again, she was truly born to play the role. And if I were ever given the talent to play Christine I would do it exactly as she does. Her Christine is shy, yet confident, afraid yet strong. I usually gage the rest of a performance based on whether or not the Christine TOM is good. It was good, believe me. A sound so pure it was like ahhhh (and I'm not just saying that because she may read it), I can say I was little envious but then too enchanted to think.

Hugh Panaro is also THE phantom for me. A little psychotic but sensitive. He really was into it, the movements the body language, everything was so perfect. And yes, I didn't fall asleep during MOTN. I have found myself actually sitting there with my mouth open ajar in awe.

Every time I see the show it gets better and better.

Richard Poole was covering one of the managers. He was fantastic, and funny. It was really refreshing seeing someone else in the role. Everything just seemed a little funnier today. The edge.

Masquerade, Julie does a lot more dancing than I've seen any other Christine do. It was more based on the OBC choreography where Christine is lifted by Raoul. Love it!

Twisted Every Way, I love when Christine's flip out. JH really, like I said, I would play the same way. It was like a "yea-you=show=em" moment.

Wishing, tear jerker. I really love how JH would really put the emotion into the last verse and kinda belt but not really belt it out. Such a powerful song. Leading into Wandering Child. The word I used was "spicy". Hugh was geat he seemed so evil and provoking.

Point of No Return is another one of my favorites. Although I love all the costumes the PONR is one of my favorites. The chemistry between JH and HP could really be seen here. It was all passion play.

Final lair, JH's Christine began all scared and meek but when she sees Raoul I love how that meekness turns to heart ache. You can really tell the change in attitude. John Cudia was really a great Raoul. He was performing really well, dashing. HP really was going crazy phantom during the "leavvvveee me". It sent a shudder through my spine. You could really feel the pain. I love how Christine when she gave the ring back touched the phantoms hand one last time before she ran off. Tear jerker.

At the curtain call, I was planning on doing a call and answer with my group that never went through. When Julie came on I was going to scream HEY JULIE, and the rest of them were supposed to scream HELL YA. But we decided not to. Instead we gave Julie a S.O.

This is the IT cast. I can't imagine it getting any better. Well maybe if Jim Weitzer was still with the cast. But Oh well, can't get it all.

Okay so now for the good part! Our PoB group was scattered across the theatre so we all decided to meet up at the stage door. The barricades were up for Ave Q. And me being the law breaker I am decided to go right past them and was stopped by the metal door. In which I decided to wait until someone came out before I went in.

So we left off with me stuck at the metal door correct. Now if was bold I would have pushed the button to get past the door but I wasn't Once someone came out I went in. Steph had caught up with us and there we were like nuts, standing in the alley. Maybe it took a whole five minutes. So anyway I decided to talk and ramble to random passer byers.

I love acting like a nut it was a lot of fun. I had the best time of the week in those moments standing outside. I definately don't remember who came out first. I believe it was Carrington. I squeeled with delight. Carrington fans for life! Anyway I probably said some stupid things, what else is new?

Then Jessica came out...maybe she came out first, it's all a blurr. Jessica is SUCH a sweetie.

Oh BTW I decided that your on a level if you can pick out the actors as they go on their merry way. It's something else...something oddly sad if they recognize you.

Jessica asked how the website (PoB) was going and stuff. The cast did get the birthday card I sent, woot! I think we were standing there talking and stuff getting random actors to sign the playbill. Tim Stella the conductor, signed it too. Oh yay! Then Julie came out.

She was so sweet and very down to earth. Bless her for taking on not 1 but 7 CRAZY phans. And even though she had something to do, like EAT or Sleep. She still took the time to show us around backstage and answer our hard but informative questions. I personally did not freak out when we went onto the stage. I felt at one with the surroundings. And because of this calm I was able to take in the finer details and um touch a few more things. Costumes are like my obsession. They are all so intricately designed. The dressing gown feels like velvet. The AIAOY dress is so much more intricate with beads and stuff. Christine has like 70 sec. or something like that to change into the wedding dress.

We got the full round tour ending with meeting Hugh. Oh yay! I took a sip of water from the water fountain and blessed everyone with phantom water. So cold, so pure, and I really needed a drink.

Took a few pics with Julie outside then we let her be. Our group had a lot of fun. Such nice people if you ask me!