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Where: Broadway

When: August 18th, 2004


Today was my 13th time seeing Phantom, and I saw Phantom's 6900th show. It was BETTER than last week. Maybe because I was sitting in the front row.

I was just so enchanted; my mouth had to be hanging open during all of Act I. The best is feeling the wind when the actors walk by quickly.


So Julie was amazing yet again. I don't think she can have a bad day. It was really intense; with her Christine the emotions are right out there on her sleeve. Happy to sad; to scared to extremely strong. It's that versatility which really gives a stand out performance. Vocally stunning, I had chills running up and down my spine during TOM and Wishing.


When Christine faints HP had this strange look like oops. JH hit the ground really hard I heard it. At one point during MOTN I started to day dream. I was thinking about how velvety and soft the fabric was to Christine's nightgown/ negligee and how it must be like to put it on. Must be very comfy to run around in.


I had a nice side view of Julie playing chicken with the chandelier this time. It was maybe 3 feet away when she moved. I really don't think there is anyway you can get hit by the chandelier and if it did, it wouldn't hurt too much.


Skipping to Masquerade; Another one of my favorite scenes, I love the costumes in that scene. The monkey girl was very close to me. Kinda creeps me out a bit. This is definitely the scene where there is a lot of audience interaction and eye contact. When Red Death comes and Christine is just standing there staring, I kept saying to myself hello ditzy. Not that she was but Raoul (JC) had to physically move her. Oh she was entranced, but it was funny.


Twisted everyway, Julie Schmidt said "she's mad" very nonchalant which made the line extremely funny. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Just during the panic I love to Carlotta and Piangi like corner Christine then just turn away. Once again JH's Christine really gets angry. LOVE IT! Possibly one of the best moments for the character. Raoul really didn't scare me too much during the last part.


Wishing; JH totally blew me away. I had such chills in the last two verses. Christine was oh so innocent playing with the red scarf. Tear Jerker moment.

Wandering Child, I thought to myself how creepy would that situation be in 'real life'. Okay random guy following you all the way to a cemetery, heard you singing and getting upset, pops out from behind a cross, suddenly the gates to your father's coffin open, and fire? And still you walk towards the open gates. I'm wondering what does one do after that? I guess you could go into the coffin? Or get locked in the little gate area? It was just strange. Watch as I overanalyze the situation. I think JH may have over powered Hugh during this part.


PONR was sexy. Yes everyone pity the apple. You could cut the passion with a knife. Though you could clearly hear the difference between Piangi and the Phantom, still it's nice to pretend. And what looks like touching from far away is really touching except from at least 3 inches. Ah stage craft, gotta love it. I love the way both Julie and Hugh add the seducement to the song, yes I will say no more.

Final Lair, Hugh was absolutely great. He was angry but not really. I'm going to get all phantom loverish and said he was afraid of losing Christine. It was rather interesting to watch his facial expressions. I think I mentioned last week that Julie had Christine go from scared to pissed/protective/I-am-woman-hear-me-roar in a matter of seconds. I loved how she got all up in his face not once but twice.


Um after I had bolted to the stage door, got attacked by Ave. Q fans, only to find out there was rehearsal so no one was coming out. Dancer, Daniel Rychlec helped me deliver a card to Julie Hanson. Yay!