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Where: Broadway
When: Wed. October 20th matinee
This was my 3rd time EVER seeing Phantom. I came prepared with pen and camera in hand.
My sister and I rushed inside to check if it was Hugh. IT WASN'T! (I'm still very upset by that) It was someone i'd never heard of. James Romick. I was also dissapointed because last time I went I saw Carrington Vilmont as Raoul and he was AMAZING. so cool. but it was John Cudia. ah well. and I purposely went on Wednesday just because I love Julie so much. Well, enough of my blubbering:

(by the way, I was front row asle, on the right side)

The Prologue:
Carrington Vilmont was the Auctioneer (I LOVE HIM!) it was great because if you sit close enough, you can see that the other bidders
were the managers and Mme. Giry. Anyway, it was amazing, I love the part when the chandelier gives out an enormous flash, and the music starts playing really loudly.

Hannibal/Think of Me:
Carlotta (Julie Schmit) runs on stage with a bleeding head in her hands, almost screaming up and down scales. Her first high note was overwhelming. The rest of the "Hannibal" cast rushed in with such enthusiasm I couldn't stop smiling. One part I must mention was when Andre' said, "These things do happen" Then Carlotta chuckles a bit then yells, "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!" Lots of laughter from my part. Larry Wayne Morbitt is so good at Piangi! My sister and I bursted out laughing any time hye was on stage. Not much to say about Julies "Think Of Me" besides it being gorgous. John Cudia rocks as Raoul (so happy all the time!) but I like Carrington Vilmont MORE.

Angel of Music/Little Lotte/The Mirror:
Nothing really stood out for me. ohmy.gif I know, shocking, because I love everything about Phantom...

Title Song:
I was in the first row with binoculars. All the other times I had seen it I was way further back. So I guess you can imagine my shock when I saw Julie's extra running across the stage with Phantom dragging her. I feel decieved. How do I know the Phantom wasn't fake, too?!?!? Okay, back to the show:
My favorite part was whenthey enter his lair andall the mist comes up and the temperature drops. It got really cold!

Music of the Night:
He proved the title "Angel of Music" during this song. His high notes are captivating.Oh yeah, James Romick ROCKS at the sexy hand thing. He's got great Phantom hands.

Stranger Than You Dreamt It:
Now this song was VERY powerful. Very loud. Very angry. My eyes sort of popped open at the surprise "DAMN YOU! YOU LITTLE PRYING PENDORA!..."

Notes/Prima Donna:
This entire scene stole the show. It was so beautifully harmonized, very funny, and I could hear every single word they were saying, PERFECT!

Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh:
Il Muto is, and probably will always be my absolute favorite part of the show. I love the makeup, I love the costumes, and I REALLY love the guy who plays Carlottas husband when he's "sobbing" while Christine is kissing Carlotta. Julie is SO CUTE as the Pageboy. AND CARRINGTON VILMONT WAS IN IT!!!

All I Ask Of You:
Good. Not extraordinary. The kiss was really sweet, though. (And even sweeter with my binoculars)

Very powerful sobbing going on in this scene. Not as cry-worthy as Hugh's (but hey, who's is?)

During intermission I had a lovely convo w/ the drummer. I found out that he has a friend who owns an antique shop where we live! How cool is that?!?!? The music starts; everyone turns silent.

This opening scene has always been so wonderful to me. I love the colours! It was SO cool t see everyone's costumes that upclose! I could have sworn someones cape almost touched me. Phantom appeared on stage with such grace. The dissapearance was awesome, as always.

Notes/Twisted Every Way:
Nothing too extraordinary, (Though I must admit tha Raouls and Piangis expressions were priceless!).

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again:
This was good. Julie's vibrato in her voice is so beautiful. (and I LOVE her outfit in this scene)

Wandering Child:
This is one of the best scenes. Phantoms fireballs rule! The way he draws her back to him is so entrancing. Here Raoul makes an idiot out of himself again by trying to take on Phantom. *dodges things thrown by Raoul fans*

Point of No Return:
Before I review the song, let me say that after seeing POTO multiple times, I still jump out of my seat at the gun shot. Right before PONR when Don Juan & Passarino are talking, I was REALLY excited to see CArrington Vilmont as Passarino!!!! I love him. His beard rocked, too.
PONR was cool. (I adore Christines dress in this scene, too.) But, it wasn't HALF as sexy as Hughs. James Romick was awesome, though, because when he offered Christine his ring, you really felt it deep in your heart.

Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer:
I didn't movie at this part. I was paralyzed by excitment. When Phantom was thinking up of plans, you could really see the schemingin his face. And when Julie sang, "It's in your soul where the true distortion lies..." , you could hear the bitterness. He look like he was being killed with every word she said.

When Raoul came in, the music got even better. The harmonizing here was the best in the entire show. BUT, I have to admit I laughed a bit when Raoul was "struggling when he had the Punjab around his neck. (I know, I'm a terrible rude person) In my opinion, it didn't look like he was trying too hard.

The kiss was amazing. His hands wre shaking. And THEN afterwards he was feeling his lips in shock. After the 2 lovebirds left, Phantom found a new love:

The monkey on top of the music box. He was patting its head, clapping along w/ it, and just giving it lots of love.
After that, the final note stayed with you for the next couple of days, along with the shape of a white mask in the darkness.