October 21st, 2004

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Where: Broadway
When: October 21st, 2004
So let me first say glasses rock. This past month my family and realized that I really wasn't safe on the road because my vision was terrible. I just thought everyone could see that badly. So we last month we went to the eye doctor and it turned out I desperately needed glasses. I didn't really like them, thought (and still do think) that I looked dorky. But there was one perk. I realized sitting in front row and wearing my glasses would make things seem amazingly closer.

And well it did. The colors were fuller, the makeup more distinct, and I felt like the actors were acting for me. Ah it makes me sigh happily to think of it. Everything was just so much more beautiful that it was as if I was seeing it for the first time. Sitting so close and seeing so well definitely made a difference.


Phantom: James Romick
Christine: Julie Hanson
Raoul: John Cudia

It seems like I just did this, so I don't know how detailed it will be but ah well. I sat in seat AA 4. And I'll try not to make it into a Julie Hanson obsessed review, though it would be pretty easy.

Auction: Nothing too special. We saw Carrington Vilmont as Raoul last time so my sister and I got a squeely when we heard him as the auctioneer. It's so exciting to sit so near the ochestra! I could see the violinist wonderfully from where I saw sitting which was amazing.

Hannibal: There was no sign saying Julie would play Christine so I fearfully watched the dancers the entire time. Has anyone realized how cool the slave master is? He really amused me.  I watched for Kris Koop since we had met her last time and she had that awesome hair that afew women wear (hmm I had never noticed them before.) The dancing is so exciting when you're right there with them. My goodness, I was so excited to see Julie finally come out. She was even cuter than I remembered. She's so tiny in that outfit, all of the dancers were pretty small actually (yeah, I know, makes sense.) I love when she starts singing to softly and nervously.

Angel of Music/Little Lotte/Mirror: Ballerinas were great. Meg wasn't marvelous or anything, but she did fine. Hmm Raoul's actuallypretty cool. I hadn't liked John Cudia at all when I saw him before, but I thought he was charming this time. Again Julie was so sweet and practically jumped into his arms. So glad something's on the right side of the stage. Could see her dressing room wonderfully. Nothing too special with the mirror. That whole part is so magical though, with the door swinging open and the quick scene change.

Title Song: I'm not the biggest fan of James Romick's voice. It was nice and his high notes were amazing, but he wasn't the angel of music. That's okay though, he still did very well. My sister freaked out when she saw it was doubles walking along the passage. She pointed and caused far too much noise, but it was pretty amusing. wink.gif When I saw the musical for the first time my favorite part was the very end of the title song. Hugh Panaro and Julie did this awesome thing where he looked as if he was pulling her voice right out of her. Her head moved to the way his hands moved through the air, like his was pulling her voice out by a string. I've missed that so much these last two times. However, it was still exciting.

Music of the Night/Stranger than you dreamt it: Again, nothing too different. Romick did do this thing where he said "music shall careless you" where he gave his body a squeeze. That's something my friends mentioned afterwards. He did quite abit of crawling during Stranger than you drempt it which was amusing. I did like him. He had afew pretty cool moves, but somethings, it was alittle... too much or something. He was almost like a baby phantom who wasn't quite sure what he wanted, but when he figured it out he wanted it really badly.

Notes/Prima Donna: Everyone was great, nothing outstanding though. Raoul's continuously getting more points by me which is always upsetting. wink.gif I really like Marilyn Caskey's (Madame Giry) voice. Piangi will always be the coolest. I love how short he is.

Il Muto: *squeeze* I love Julie in this scene. Are Christine's always this cute? I had hoped to see David Gaschen as the jeweler since he was our last Phantom, but it turned out to be Carrington Vilmont which was still great. The guy who played Carlotta's husband looked right at us while he sang. smile.gif Sadly only two croaks out of Carlotta. Dancer dude again! He was my favorite. I love his nervous laugh when everyone is screwing up and I love his cane and I love how he looked right at us. laugh.gif

All I Ask of You: They just get cuter each time. I never held "all I ask of you" as anything too special, but I loved this part. I love how Christine's dress swirls around when he lifts her, and how they both giggle and how their kiss seemed as sweet and sincere as if it was the first time. Aw I loved it. John Cudia made a great face after Christine's "what was that?" and they go and look on either side of the stage. He just turned around and sighed and looked really anxious. It was wonderful.

All I Ask of You Reprise: Well couldn't see him so well from where I was sitting. His sobs were very nice though.
Intermission: Luckily I got to the bathroom quick cause that line became so long it started to circle. And the lady in there was abit like a drill sergent. She didn't seem to be enjoying her job too much. When we got back to our seats we had a nice long conversation with one of the orchestra guys who sat in the corner. We found out he knew someone who lived close to us and it was exciting and we had to say "WHAT?" alot since it was very noisy. But he seemed very friendly and not at all annoyed with us leaning over the side to look at the orchestra. I love sitting in the front row! The entr'acte was amazing to watch. I love the orchestra.

Masquerade: Despite the fact that masquerade is amazing to watch conpletely, with all of the dancing together, this might have been my favorite scene for sitting up close. The costumes are amazing up close. I couldn't see Christine and Roaul on the side of the stage when they were singing together, but I loved watching them dance together, like when he swoops her down, or she dances dramatically with one of the cast. There was a guy with a huge cape and for the longest amount of time he just stood on our side of the stage flinging his cape over us. Just throwing and tossing is all around us. That was awesome. Oh! I love their dance on the stairs! It's almost disco like, with their circling hands and then doing the whole "hide your face so the world will never find you." mmm it was so cool. Christine and Roaul stood right in front of Red Death the entire time he was on the stairs. I leaned over and saw him abit and his jaw dropping was alittle out of sync and made me laugh. I also always thought Phantom dropped through a trap door or something when he disapears, but from the side you could see he just ran off during the "poof!". Do they normally do that?

Notes 2: Nothing too special here. Julie was again awesome. I loved watching John Cudia's face as he formed Raoul's plan. The managers were cute and amusing as always and Carlotta was dramatic and great and they all did very well.

Wishing etc.: Aw Julie was so beautiful. So perfect. No mention on her voice as I don't remember how well she did, but her acting was just wonderful, and I've always found "wishing" rather boring. Heehee I love "bravo messiour" (sp? goodness, not sure how to spell that.) The harmony is amazing and I just love Roaul and Phantom in this scene. They amuse me so much. *homage to wishing dress* I love how it. Nothing else to say really. Phantom was pretty cool. He almost danced around up there.

Don Juan: *bows down to Carrington Vilmont's beard* yeah that rocked. And Piangi rocked. They're all so cool in this scene. And Christine! Oh my goodness she's adorable when she comes running out all perky like. Has anyone heard that clip when Hugh Panaro says "no backward glaannnnnnces." I love that so much. Romick had it *alittle* which pleased me enough. So I've kinda gotta used to how sexy ponr is, or maybe this one just wasn't as sensual as normal. It was pretty sexy though, just not overwhelmingly so. It's so annoying when Phantom's just sit there while Christine's sing so I was very pleased with Romick. I'm not quite sure what he did, but he almost slid around on the bench, or moved his hands, or something that was quite different from what I had seen before. I watched parts of this with the binoculars (I know, I rock) becuase I really wanted to she Julie's little smile when she says "I've decided...decided" and then turns towards him. He didn't do the trembling hand thing like Geschen had done but I forgave him. "Say you'll share with me..." could've been alittle more emotional.

Down Once More...: Truthfully this scene seems like abit of a mishmosh in my head. At one point Romick was really up set and practically lay one Julie when she was crumpled on the floor. huh.gif John Cudia did very well though he didn't give as large an effort to get out of the punjab lasso as you might expect. Julie did lovely as you can imagine. Really angry at moments, then really passionate or really gentle. Romick was truly like a little phantom that was very stubborn. There were afew times when I was annoyed with Phantom when I should have been in deep sympathy. I did however love that you could see the plans forming on his face when Raoul came in. He sort of came close to the front of the stage and held up a finger as if he was brewing new ideas. He made up for lack of trembling in PONR at the kiss. His hands just shook and shook. He looked so frightened and confused when they broke away. He gave THE biggest smile and almsot laughed when he saw the music box playing. He clapped his hands along with the monkey and then covered the monkey's face and seemed as if he was completely attached to it. Romick's high notes were really lovely, really great. His voice over all wasn't really my favorite, but there were some high notes that were so beautiful (forgot to mention in Music of the Night particularly) Thank you Lord! The throne worked. Yes the throne worked and I was so relieved. The most beautiful part in the whole thing and it went wonderfully. Aw *tears* it was wonderful.
Bows: Ah! the silly audience, they didn't even stand for Raoul. I felt rather alone while standing for the managers and Carlotta and the rest of the secondary leads, but they certainly deserved it. Being so close I wished I had brought flowers or something to through at them. Aw I love how Christine and Raoul always(maybe just what I've seen) kiss, and then Phantom shakes Raoul's hand and kisses Christine's hand. They were all so cute.
Stagedoor: Julie Hanson walked out with this other guy and I more or less jumped on her. I gave her a huge hug and told her how much I adored her and how I'd seen her three times "Really? All here? wow!" and thought she was absolutely gorgous onstage. My friends noticed only then who she was and all asked for autographs and poured compliments over her. She was so sweet and so humble and couldn't help but give her another hug. I asked if she had noticed two girls in the first row who had used binoculars and she was like "no... hahaha yes yes I did!" and David Rychlec said that when he's bored on stage he checks out the audience to see what's going on with them. Aw she was so cute. I read that she was 5'4 but I'm sure she's shorter as I'm 5'4 and she seemed small to me. Oh, I so loved her.

After she left I went out to talk to my mother and Julie was still there talking to a couple. I didn't try to talk to her again but I did sortof listen to their conversation. Matthew R. Jones gave me his autograph in the mean time. Julie said that our audience had been great and Matthew said "reminds us we're actually performing for a live audience! I love a lively audience."

Anyway, it was wonderful and I was so happy with everyone we met. Shame Phantom isn't a month ritual that all must go through as written law.